How To make US$1000’s/monthly Without Taking Any RISK or Spending any Money Out of Pocket! NO SCAM! LEGIT!


By now you must have heard the term “crypto-currency” before, if not, then I highly suggest that you come out from that rock you’re living under. Crypto currencies have been the latest buzz, and one of, if not the most controversial topic of the entire year, 2017, due to the high demand & increasing value of the currencies. One in particular, is the high-valued BITCOIN (BTC); which is apparently the flag bearer in this industry, with runner ups: ETHEREUM (ETH) & LITCOIN (LTC).

…But What Are Crypto-Currencies?

These are ‘digital’ currencies in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Long story short, they don’t have a physical form, (keyword: ‘Digital’). They are decentralized currencies, meaning they don’t belong to any particular country (unless you consider the internet a country that is) and that means there’s no big bank controlling the value & distribution of them. They (Bitcoin) are produced by an algorithm, along with answering difficult maths question in a process called “mining” using a special hardwares. Because they (bitcoins) are limited, (about 21 million in total) and the demand for them are so high, the value for them hit a record breaking of 1 BTC= $18,769 USD in mid December 2017. Even though its fallen down a bit, the value is expected to reach 1 BTC = $25,000+ by the end of 2018. (Now do you see why the value has been sky rocketing? (Increase in demand = Increase in Value)) But if you don’t believe, you may check other sources on the net such as:

Bitcoin expecting to hit $30,000 by 2019!

or just google/youtube “bitcoin” for yourself.

As at the moment, December 24, 2017 @ 12:12am the crypto currencies currently stand at:

                                 USD $                  GDP £                  EURO €

Bitcoin (BTC)          $14284.97         £10892.35            €12103.32

Ethereum (ETH)   $693.91             £514.93                  €592.85

Litecoin (LTC)        $276.58              £207.17                 €229.65

Seems too good to be true, right? Well if you think that’s unbelievable, here’s a fun fact for you: If you had invested $100 USD in to bitcoin back in 2010 when it worth mere cents, you’d have approximately. $140 million to date.

Long story short, the purpose of this article is to help people who are trying to get on top of their finances, or maybe even to become a millionaire by walking the path of “crypto-currencies” with the help of “Top buzz”.

TOPBUZZ is a 18 months old social media platforms where the users are allowed to post videos, GIFs and articles and generate revenue from based on the performance of the content. AND YES, I KID YOU NOT, IT IS 100% LEGIT! Best part of it is that, it’s completely free to join. If you haven’t then you may join here for free.





  1.  Join Topbuzz, you make easy money just by posting videos, articles & Gifs. (1000 clicks/views = $1) account is credited daily! Pay-out is done monthly! You can either have the money sent to you via wire transfer straight into your bank account or via paypal! **I have the paypal app on my phone, which notify me when I recieved payments. see below**
Topbuzz payment one
Amount in made in the October-November period.
paypal ss
Paypal app alerting me of money that i received!

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The picture on the left shows how much I have made within the December period, while the picture on  the right shows my earning of each day.

2. The more you post, the more you earn. You can get video from all over the net. Just download them from facebook, Instragram, twitter, youtube or any other sites you know of, and simple upload them with the topbuzz app or your Pc browser, giving them a captivating caption and thumbnail. Just make sure it’s not copyrighted, contains any nudity, sexual, violent or graphic nature. Be sure to post at least 10 videos daily, to make between $200-$500 or more, at the end of the month. And yes it’s as easy as it sounds. The video below shows me posting with the TopBuzz iOS official and beta app. And YES, YOU ARE ALLOW TO HAVE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.

3. A month after joining TopBuzz and you’ve made a good amount of money, convert a portion (I wouldn’t recommend all of it) of that money into bitcoin and have it accumulate as to your desired amount. You may convert you dollars/Euro/pounds into BTC on or The sites that I recommend, and have been using to make over $5,000 USD/monthly are:

  • Solid Profit: Is a 2 year old, free to join bitcoin mining platform, which allow you to rent as much of their Antminer S9 (BTC mining hardware) as you want. After registering, you purchase a desired BTC plan to determine your profit, You can buy as much hash power you want to increase the amount of BTC you’ll mine for the day/week/month. and it’ll accumulate over a time depending on the plan which you choose. More details on the site.

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  • FFLAK-mining: The Hong Kong based company, created by Lucas and Fred back in 2012, offers the option of mining 7 different crypto-currencies, at the lowest prices in the market. You may get hash power for as low as USD $10 (See slideshow below). I advice that you check the calculator to see which crypto is most profitable before purchasing the hash power.

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Join FFLAK-mining HERE!

  • PowerMining Pool: Is a fast growing European company mines 7 crypto currencies 24/7 and with a software that switches resources automatically to ensure you always get the best return. As soon as your account is set up, they’ll add the resources that you’ve purchased into the pools and you’ll start seeing results within hours. Every day their system automatically deposits your earnings in ‘Euros’ into your ewallet and you can withdraw at any time to your bitcoin wallet.

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But before you register on any or all of the platforms above (other than Topbuzz), be sure to create your wallet in order to buy/sell & receive your cryptocurrencies. The simplest and the best ones are & may not trade in your country so you might not be able to buy/sell crypto-currencies but will be able to recieved your BTC/ETH/LTC payments though. Hence, is a better option but requires you to interact with other traders inorder to convert you BTC to money. You can choose the option off receiving your money in your paypal account, sent to you via western union/ money gram, or even bank deposit among other options. 


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I assure you that all the platforms mentioned above are legitimate and really do payout, hence why I went the extra distance of screen shoting my account(s) as proof. Utilizing these platforms as I outlined above, I’ve manage to put my self in the position of earning $5000+/monthly.

If you have any questions, need assistance you may whatsapp me at +1876-362-7574, or email me at


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